About 50 Percent Veg

“This is the simplest way to eat more veg”

50 Percent Veg is all about getting more vegetables into our daily diets. Eating nutritiously should be a lifestyle, not just something we do when we want to get in shape. Everything you eat feeds each cell in your body, so the food you eat has a direct impact on how well you feel. 50 Percent Veg is about eating for wellness, as a lifestyle!

This is not a diet, it’s just a easy framework to help you eat more vegetables. Imagine your plate like the diagram; 50% vegetables, 25% good quality protein and 25% complex fibre rich carbohydrates. If you’re not sure how to cook in this way, simply cook more vegetable sides, it’s that easy! Visit our staple ingredients list for inspiration.

Our recipes

The recipes on our website let vegetables take centre stage. We love working with the different colours, textures and flavours of vegetables to get a deliciously nutritious meal. Our recipes are easy to make and super tasty. It’s also not a meat versus plants debate here. If you choose to avoid something, we respect that. We’re an all-inclusive recipe website with health at the forefront, but you don’t have to use all the recipes.

Disclaimer: information displayed on this website is not a substitute for qualified nutrition advice. What may be suitable for one individual may not be suitable for another. We always recommend seeking professional help from a qualified Nutritionist or Nutritional Therapist for personalised nutrition advice. If you are interested in personalised nutrition, please visit Laura Lam Nutrition.